Constitution & By-Laws







This organization will be known as The Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club.  The Club will meet approximately nine times per year (August, September, October, November, January, February, March, April, and May).  The Executive Committee may call additional meetings as necessary to  carry out the business of the organization.  The date, place, and time of each meeting will be determined by the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee.


                                                                     ARTICLE 2                   


The Mission of the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club is to promote friendship, camaraderie, and goodwill among the inhabitants of the Shenandoah Valley corridor and others with interest in the many fields of athletic endeavor.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the leadership of the Club is diverse in that no specific business, organization, school, college, or university has a disproportionate number of officers serving at any one time.  The Club leadership will seek to serve the entire Shenandoah Valley community, always conscious of the need to ensure that no organization, school, college, or university receives favorable treatment over another.  No part of the Club’s net income or assets will inure to the benefit of any individual, no substantial part of the activities will consist of carrying on propaganda or other attempts to influence legislation; and it will not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.







The leadership of the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club will recruit a diverse membership (ethnic and gender) of persons 21 years of age or older, of good moral character, residing in or in the vicinity of the Shenandoah Valley.  The Executive Committee may limit or cap the number of memberships by majority vote.  Guests may be under 21 years of age, but they will not be able to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages at the social, which normally precedes the formal meeting/program.





Section 1—Meetings   The format will generally include a social period, dinner, business meeting, and guest speaker.  Other entertainment may be offered at the discretion of the Program Committee and upon approval of the President.  Members will be notified in advance of each meeting.  Any member making a reservation for himself and/or a guest, but who fails to attend without notifying the SVAC, will forfeit any prepaid money for the dinner.  Money may be refunded if the SVAC is notified before the meeting time.

Section 2—Guests   Members may bring in-town guests (in-town guests reside in the Shenandoah Valley) to regular meetings; however, an in-town guest may not attend more than two meetings in a fiscal year.  Additionally, members may bring out-of-town guests to regular meetings.  The cost for ALL guests will be determined by the executive committee for each fiscal,year.







The annual dues of the Club will be determined by the Executive Committee at the annual summer meeting for the ensuing year.  Renewal dues must be paid on or before the first meeting (August of the new fiscal year).  If not paid in a timely manner, the Club leadership will notify the person failing to pay that he/she is ineligible to attend meetings and programs until dues are paid.  Members will be billed on or about July 1 of each year.




The Club will provide application forms for prospective members.  Applications will be returned (hand delivered or mailed) to the Treasurer with the appropriate dues.  Additionally, the Secretary and all members of the Executive Committee will maintain brochures that can be used to explain the Club organization, mission, and procedures to prospective members.

It is the duty of all members to recruit new members.




Section 1—Officers.  The officers of the Club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, each serving for a two-year term.

Section 2—President.  The President will preside at all meetings of the Club, exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Club, and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President will sign all written agreements or contracts of the Club and perform all such duties assigned by the Executive Committee.  In the absence of the Treasurer, he may sign checks for payment of services rendered.


Section 3—Vice President.  During the absence or incapacity of the President, the Vice President will perform the duties and exercise the authority of the President.  In the absence and/or incapacity of the President and Vice President, the duties of the President will be performed by a member of the Executive Committee elected by majority vote of subject Committee.  The Vice President performs other duties so assigned by the President. The Vice President will supervise any additional committees established by the SVAC.  This would include a Program committee whose main responsibility will be to assist the Vice President arranging speakers, honored guests, and publicity for the SVAC.

Section 4—Secretary.  The Secretary will be responsible for the annual membership campaign and maintain up-to-date records of membership.  Additionally, the Secretary will be the conduit for written correspondence with the Membership.  The Secretary reports to the President.  The Secretary will also record the minutes of any Executive Committee meeting.

Section 5—Treasurer.  The Treasurer functions under the supervision of the President and the Executive Committee, collects dues and other monies, attends to the disbursements, and maintains general charge of the funds of the Club.  The Treasurer may be asked to give bond for the faithful performance of his duties in such amounts and with such conditions as prescribed by the Executive Committee.  The premiums on such bonds are to be paid from Club funds.  The Treasurer shall keep the books of the Club, which shall be available for inspection by members of the Executive Committee upon reasonable notice.  A statement of accounts will be presented at each meeting of the Executive Committee.  The statement of accounts will include receipts and expenses by each committee, balance on hand, accounts receivable and payable, and investment status.  The Treasurer will recommend investment policies and plans to the Executive Committee.

Section 6—Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will be composed of the Officers of the Club (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and eight elected members initially (four for one year, and four for two years).  Thereafter, terms will be for two years.  The Committee will serve as the deliberative body in the formation of plans and policies affecting the Club, and approve contracts covering more than $1,000.00 in cost and/or three months of services.  The President may approve expenses up to and including $1,000.00.  The Executive Committee will set the Surety Bond for the Treasurer and approve the Surety Company issuing the bond.  The Committee will hear the recommendation of the Treasurer relative to investment policies and plans and depository for the Club’s funds.  It will decide by majority vote.  A quorum is five members.  Provisions may be made for an annual audit of the Club’s books and accounts at the end of the fiscal year



Section 1.  The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members not later than the April meeting.

Section 2.  The Nominating Committee will nominate candidates for the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Executive Committee.  Nominations will be presented at the April meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at that time, however, prior permission must be received from those nominated.  Elected Officers and Executive Committee Members will be voted in during the May meeting and will assume office as of July 1 of that year.  No officer may serve more than two consecutive two-year terms in the same office.

Section 2.  Vacancies occurring in any office or on the Executive Committee will be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee.




The Executive Committee will appoint a Membership Committee, a Program Committee and any other committees deemed appropriate.




The Program Committee may offer one or more planned trips to selected games or contests.  These trips are primarily for the membership except by majority vote of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee may open the trips to guests if it believes that the decision will benefit the membership.  Trips will be planned to be self-paying.  Executive Committee approval is necessary to use Club funds to defer any costs associated with a trip.





The Constitution and By-Laws will be adopted by majority vote of the Executive Committee  before the membership is recruited.  The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended upon resolution and approval by two-thirds vote of the active membership present at any meeting duly called, provided the membership was notified in writing of such resolution at least (7) days prior to the meeting.




Section1—Awards.  Although the Club’s Mission is social in nature, it may be appropriate to honor certain individuals or organizations for specific achievement relative to the promotion of athletics in the valley or performance of athletic feats.  In all cases, awards must be approved by majority vote of the Executive Committee, taking care to ensure that no specific organizations, schools, college, or university has a disproportionate share in subject recognition.  The membership will vote on specific award recipients.

Section 2—Honor Roll.   The Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club recognizes the lifetime athletic achievements of selected members by induction into SVAC Honor Roll.

While there is no restriction, the membership will generally induct 2 members annually.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for final decision.  Club members may be nominated by completing a SVAC Honor Roll Nomination Form.

Section 3—Contributions.  The Club may choose to make nominal contributions to a charity of choice.  Subject contributions must be approved by majority vote of the membership, taking care to ensure that the contributions are not repeatedly disbursed to the same organization.





Although the Club will graciously accept donations, it is not the intent of the Club to engage in active fundraising.  It is intended that revenue will be accumulated through membership dues, modest profits on dinners, guests fees, auctions held at monthly meetings, and other fund-raising activities.  Other initiatives to raise funds must be approved by majority vote of the Executive Committee.





Section 1—Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year of the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Club will begin on July 1.

Section 2—Loans to Officers, Members of the Executive Committee, or Club Members.  The Club will make no loans to any officers, members of the Executive Committee, or Club members for any reason whatsoever.

Section 3—Non-Profit Status.  The Club is a non-profit organization for the enjoyment and entertainment of its membership.  The Club may engage in service activities from time to time when approved by majority vote of the membership.